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With so many platforms now available for customers to share spontaneous, in the moment comments about brands, products or services, customer experience and feedback has never been more important to track and monitor this.  Whilst many simply listen to their customers, we turn this feedback into a valuable, meaningful resource, leveraging insights and recommending actions to help you to grow.

We create bespoke code-frames, ensuring that you meet your research objectives, going beyond metrics and understanding customer behaviours across different segments.

With a range of services available to measure customer experience, in some cases we specifically request feedback around a certain topic or theme, through focus groups, surveys and depth interviews, and in others we capture unprompted “in the moment” reactions shared online via social analytics.

However, we often find that the best results come from integrating these approaches, adding value to your research outcomes and delivering additional layers of insight.

Social Analytics

We have combined our passion for consumer insights and innovative technology to develop a digital intelligence tool, the MMRI Radar. MMRI Radar provides access to millions of online conversations being had globally, and we are now using this live data set to analyse customer-driven conversations. We have discovered many additional benefits to using online commentary as a data source to drive customer insights, including:

  • Live data, access to real-time data sources
  • In the moment reactions
  • Outside the box, less constrained by questionnaire/research design
  • Bigger picture, going beyond the conversations directed @BrandEfficient, with a reduced need for primary research saving time and investment

Whatever your timeline or budget, contact us today to see how we can connect you with our internal resource and expertise, delivering the insight you need.

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Whether on Twitter, blogs, forums or other social platforms, millions of opinions are shared publicly online every day. MMRI Radar connects you to this rich, live, global data source.

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Bringing brands closer to consumers expectations, passions and emotions by providing understanding into the emotional drivers in a customer journey.

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