MMRI launch a new service ‘Social Media Market Research Intelligence’ Reports

Over the last 10 years, MMRI has become the leading expert in social media market research conducting in-depth qualitative market research reports using social and online commentary as our data source.

Many of our clients are already using hard metrics, such as reactions, comments, shares and click-through rates to measure the success of their marketing campaigns, but very few are using social and online commentary to evaluate this in regards to semantic or thematic analysis.  However, to support this we have launched  ‘Social MMRI Report’ supporting brand managers and market research agencies by producing a digestible real-time, sentiment and thematic based report.

Each client based  Social MMRI Report will include content analysis of a number of comments online, using a research methodology developed in partnership with the University of Sheffield Information School. What this means for our clients is our approach to interrogating the data ensures the findings are reliable, consistent and robust, whether it be a one-off report, designed to repeated regularly or to be replicated over multiple brands or countries.

A recent independent Social MMRI Report  was on a growing brand which caught our attention called Dollar Shave Club (DSC).    We used our in-house social intelligence tool,  MMRI Radar, to collect the data combined with desk research, where we then manually analysed a random sample of 100 social posts,  across Twitter,  Facebook, Instagram, Blogs, forums and news articles.

With Dollar Shave Club’s 2018 launch in the UK, our research focused on identifying how their customers genuinely felt about their products without the restraints of a research questionnaire.  What we first identified was (unsurprisingly) were males dominated the conversation, however, what was really interesting was how females were starting to also get involved.

Each post was assessed for sentiment, ranging from positive to negative.
The topics discussed fell into three main categories:

Under the topic DSC Products, we delved deeper to identify the sub-topics, identifying any gender-focused trends and the sentiment displayed in the post. The product discussions were further segmented into 8 categories:

Our Social MMRI Report identified razor quality was one of the most frequently discussed sub-topics, but what could mean for a growing, global brand like Dollar Shave Club?

Firstly,  there was an increase in positive sentiment on this topic, increasing this to 82%, with 30% of this commentary posted by females, not just as buyers of DSC products but as users!    Females were highly positive about their experience with DSC razors.

What can 100 social posts tell us?

  • With the launch into the UK market going well one MMRI recommendation made was to create adverts that capture the female audience faster. Early sales opportunities were missed as females assumed it was a male-only product.
  • Dollar Shave Club is described as  ‘Unilever-owned male grooming subscription service’, maybe it’s time to consider this as a unisex grooming subscription product and service with 25% of this conversation posted by females, not just as purchasers but as DSC users.

We have been successfully supporting market research agencies and client Business Intelligence teams by using online and social commentary as a data source for in-depth qualitative market research, which we will continue to do. However, we have identified this opportunity and have launched ‘Social Media Market Research Intelligence (MMRI) Reports which will provide cost-effective business insights, which can be delivered within 5 days.

This is not just perfect for brand evaluation, reputation monitoring, campaign evaluation but also for agencies preparing a competitive pitch enabling them to include relevant real-time insights ensuring their proposal stands out from their competitors!


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