Are you gaining Social Intelligence from the world’s largest focus group?

We access the millions of online conversations being had via MMRI Radar, our sophisticated digital search tool developed, for social intelligence, by our in-house researchers, technology experts and data scientists.

It’s so refreshing, after being presented with so many metric based dashboards, to really see big qual delivering insights.

Senior Insight Manager, Challenger Bank


In the age of social media intelligence and the increased daily usage of smartphones it has never been easier to have a conversation with or about a brand, product, friend or experience.

Many listen to the conversations being had via digital listening, but this rich live data source is now driving customer insights, collated for you in our sector-specific social Intelligence reports, personalised for our customers.

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We’re doing things differently...

Digital Research

A huge amount of data about your customers and industry can be uncovered by analysing the digital space, and we utilise bespoke approaches to do so.

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Qualitative Research

We use a variety of qualitative research methods to uncover the insights that you can use to improve the way your business markets to its customers.

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Real-Time Tracking

We’re constantly tracking how people are engaging with your brand to ensure we can instantly identify any potential risks before they develop into something bigger.

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