Are you getting closer to your patients with qualitative digital research?

Disease journeys identified, as they happened, captured through HCP, patient and relative commentary

Social Intelligence is providing in-depth insights into the patient journey.

Social intelligence has become an important factor in decision making for many sectors and the pharmaceutical industry are no different,  embracing the benefits of this rich data source and including it as part of their qualitative research planning.

At MMRI we are in the authoritative position of supporting traditional market research agencies and pharmaceutical companies with this innovative approach to understanding the patient journey for over 10 years.

Our approach combines technology and qualitative research using our in-house social listening software, MMRI Radar, to find the most relevant commentary for our healthcare researchers to then make sense of before preparing an in-depth report. The patient journey, for example, can include the emotional responses to a diagnosis, symptoms, treatment experiences, impact on quality of life through to remission and much more.

We analyse the data, aggregating the key themes identified and the sentiment shared online in conversations.  With our human interrogation of data we work using all market research codes of conduct and also following the requirements to report adverse events (AE).   Read our blog here on overcoming the myths and challenges around AE reporting.

The image below details how we captured the patient journey through social and online commentary for advanced breast cancer in the US. Behind each of these themes, we provide the deeper insights into the detail conversation.

These research findings were used to create credible marketing materials for a global pharmaceutical company who needed to improve their understanding of how patients talked about late-stage breast cancer.

MMRI are the experts in providing time efficient in-depth reports for the healthcare sector – click here to read some additional case studies of our work in this sector or contact us for more detailed information on how we can support you in your therapeutic area of interest.

MMRI always work with our industry market research codes of conduct and follow the requirements of the pharmaceutical sector to report adverse event reporting. Read our blog on overcoming the myths and challenges around AE reporting.


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