• Identify a strategy in which Volkswagen Financial Services would be able to get closer to their customers
  • Develop a strategy to increase VWFS sales by identifying companies in growth who may wish to purchase fleet cars today or in the next few months
  • Implement a process to share knowledge with key VWFS employees to give them a competitive edge


  • Collection of relevant data for VWFS’s existing customers using MMRI Radar
  • Media monitoring and analysis for industry and market intelligence
  • Human analysis of data to leverage actionable insights


  • High volumes of data
  • Initially search revisions were required, refining keywords to increase relevant data and reduce noise


  • 1000’s of articles were reviewed and provided:

      Business opportunities with existing clients

      Competitor activity and threats to current clients

    • Leads from unknown customers


VWFS MMRI Radar Pilot Project

See how MMRI Radar provided a big data solution for VW, enabling them to interrogate millions of online data points, search through thousands of online sources and identify new, viable leads for VW to market to directly.

Know Your Customer

Increasing sales with customer intelligence

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