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A social media post can become viral in hours without proactive risk and reputation monitoring! It is critical to be prepared for this and accept that traditional complaint routes are not enough.


MMRI Research supported a large NHS Trust to track and monitor social media and online activity directed at them, helping them to proactively manage their reputation.

The monitoring process identified two levels of risk to reputational damage which would be applied to each post relevant to the NHS Trust:

  • Amber
  • Red

In addition,  within this reporting period, the Trust was able to identify and learn from the indirect feedback surrounding a proposed change to the Trust’s surgical services, enhancing their traditional capture of feedback during a Public Consultation.


MMRI  Radar was used to conduct continuous monitoring of the real-time commentary from all sources, including Twitter, news feeds,  forums and other social sites.

  • Each post was analysed for content
  • A key topic and sentiment were applied to each relevant post
  • Any post which may cause reputational damage to the Trust was labelled with the appropriate level of risk
  • Any  ‘RED’ alerts were immediately reported to the NHS Trust’s Communications team

A monthly report was produced detailing the level of impact of reputational damage,  with an overview of feedback on the Trust’s healthcare services.


The timeliness of identifying & sharing online adverse commentary providing the NHS Trust with the opportunity to manage and minimise reputational damage.


Over a three month reporting period between 1,250 – 1,500 posts were captured, per month, by the MMRI Radar.  1,672 were deemed, relevant.  Their content  included:

  • Patient complaints
  • Inaccurate media commentary
  • Community concerns towards mental health services
  • Reputational risk content
  • Indirect feedback on the Public Consultation

15 ‘Red’ posts were reported,  with some requiring immediate action.  The content of one post included the personal experiences of a parent, with three healthcare services under the NHS Trust,  over a 24 hour period.

What they say…

MMRI provided us with timely notifications of commentary which may have had an impact on our reputation.  In an environment where we are already fully resourced and under great pressure, coupled with the increased use of social media as a platform for complaints and sharing of public opinion,  this is an extremely efficient and proactive solution to help us monitor our reputation and proactively listen and respond to our community

Head of Communications, NHS Trust, West Midlands


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