Making social data meaningful with 100 UK social posts on Dollar Shave Club!

With Dollar Shave Club’s 2018 launch in the UK our research focused on identifying how their customers genuinely felt about their products, without the restraints of a research questionnaire.


We used our in-house social intelligence tool,  MMRI Radar, to collect the data and we manually analysed a random sample of 100 social posts,  across Twitter,  Facebook, Instagram, Blogs, forums and news articles.

Unsurprisingly the conversation was dominated by males, however, females were starting to get involved in the conversation.

Each post was assessed for sentiment, ranging from positive to negative.

“I am so glad you came to the UK & I ordered from you, that shave is the best I’ve ever had and felt afterwards. No cuts, no blood and especially no missed hairs. Amazing kit!” Male, Twitter

The topics discussed fell into three main categories:

Under the topic DSC Products, we delved deeper to identify the sub-topics, identifying any gender-focused trends and the sentiment displayed in the post. The product discussions were further segmented into 8 categories:

Razor quality was the main topic identified, what could this mean for Dollar Shave Club?

Firstly,  there was a positive shift in sentiment on this topic, increasing to 82%.  And secondly, 30% of this conversation was from females, not just as buyers of DSC products but as users!

“I thought I knew what a good quality clean shave felt like before today, boy was I wrong. I can’t believe I kept scrolling past the Facebook ads for so long. This is SO worth my time & money, and it’s insanely convenient!” Female, Facebook

Females were highly positive about their experience with DSC razors, with some minimal negative opinions shared in relation to their quality, which they felt they had not experienced with the other brands they have used.

“This razor ended up cutting my legs to heck and didn’t even give me a close shave!” Female, Facebook

Male commentary mirrored that of the most females positive experience remarking on its close shave.  Additional positive commentary included approval that this ‘club’ is open to anyone, shifting away from exclusivity and how using DSC razors has now become part of a daily routine.

“I Received my 1st package this morning & can honestly say it is the best shave I had in a long time” Male, Twitter

Other topics receiving positive feedback were in relation to ease of service delivery, the packaging and also the cost savings customers were making. Negative sentiment identified in some of the commentary was in relation to some sponsorships deals with DSC or Unilever.


Is there enough content in 100 social posts to help a brand with their marketing strategies?

What can 100 social posts tell us?

  • With the launch into the UK market going well one recommendation made was to create adverts that capture the female audience faster. Early sales opportunities were missed as females assumed it was a male-only product.
  • Dollar Shave Club is described as  ‘Unilever-owned male grooming subscription service’, maybe it’s time to consider this as a unisex grooming subscription product and service with 25% of this conversation posted by females, not just as purchasers but as DSC users.

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