Protecting Brand Reputation

Social intelligence to monitor and protect brand image


With a team of young, enthusiastic tweeters, Team England anticipated that they would need to be vigilant in monitoring activity on Twitter before, during and after the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

  • To monitor athlete conversations on Twitter
  • To identify and alert in real-time where posts indicated risk of reputational damage
  • To ensure Team England managed any risk to reputational damage 
in a timely and efficient manner


Our technology was used to monitor Twitter commentary from Team England competitors, in real-time, over a twelve day period.

  • Each Tweet was analysed for content and a key topic and sentiment was applied
  • Any posts that indicated reputational risk were immediately reported
  • Athletes failing to comply with their sponsorship rules were also reported upon and appropriate action was taken immediately


24/7 real-time monitoring and reporting throughout the duration of the Games


  • 419 posts were referred to the Head of Media & Communications for review and action where required during the Games
  • These accounted for almost a quarter of the posts, most frequently containing references toward drug taking, negative reactions to the media coverage and criticism of other athletes and judging decisions
  • This risk and reputation solution helped protect Team England’s reputation, delivering immediate awareness around issues enabling early intervention
  • Team England’s internal resource were freed up to dedicate their time to critical activities around media meetings and comms tasks as driven by the event

What they say…

MMRI provided Team England with a smart and effective solution to social media monitoring at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. It enabled us to ensure that athletes and support staff were not compromising the Team either reputationally or commercially. The service was a combination of technology and human common sense and was provided with the speed that enabled quick and effective remedies. I would have no hesitation in using the service again either for a smaller or large team or at a major event where the wider conversation across stakeholders needs monitoring.

Head of Media, Team England Glasgow



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