Love it or loathe it – Love Island 2018 is back!

On June 5th MMRI researchers analysed some of the comments posted on Twitter between 9 and 10.30 pm as the new, highly anticipated, series of Love Island was launched.    We manually analysed some commentary on each Islander so that we could report on the true sentiment towards each of them as we start to track who will be the perceived favourably, or not so, by the public, over time.

So, similar to our Christmas advert campaign evaluation,  over the next 8 weeks, we will be tracking how the opinions of the public change towards the ‘Islanders’, capturing the highs and lows of the drama as it happens.  Our monitoring will reliably report who is consistent, trustworthy, likeable and brand-worthy, or not!

We can already see Adam dominating the share of voice in particular when he first hit our screens and Twitter went mad with positive comments about his good looks but will this last ……. our analysis is already seeing a shift in the chat from his looks and physique moving towards a mixed reaction about his tactics and guesses on which he will choose to couple up with tonight.

Adam is gorg but I’m not sure about him ?

And whilst the game is all around finding a love interest Laura is receiving some negative sentiment from the public when during her  initial intro she confessed to stealing a friends’ boyfriend, followed by  her willingness to ‘trade’ one man in for another, however, 8 weeks is a long time and the public can change their mind in a matter of seconds.

I was done with Laura before the end of her intro.

Dani Dyer has been positively received with some commentators hoping she survives to the final when the parents are brought in to meet their love interest 🙂  Jack, her current love interest,  is already showing signs of worry about whether they will lose their couple status tonight – only a few hours left before time will tell!”

Dani is the only down to earth girl on love island this year, the rest of them just have a resting bitch face at all time

This is just the start of the Love Island 2018 story and through this research, we will aim to identify the islanders which would bring the most credibility to a brand.

If you are interested in receiving regular updates and receive the final in-depth report detailing the public perception around each islander and its change over time then please do not hesitate to get in contact via this contact form.




Love Island Returns

And with that comes sponsor opportunities for many brands!

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