Qualitative Market Research

Uncover insights that you can use to improve the way your business markets to its customers through qualitative market research

Group Discussions

As part of our qualitative market research services,  we can design and facilitate open discussions with groups of participants from consumers, business owners to residents or patients. We can manage the entire process including the creation of the discussion guide, recruitment of participants and presentation of the insights.

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Qualitative Market Research

Depth interviewing

We conduct depth interviews either individually or in pairs and triads. These can take place in-home or over the phone and even via Skype. These semi- structured interviews can be conducted across audience types and sectors; allowing you to explore a topic in detail.


Deliberative techniques allow for public involvement in decision making. This qualitative approach provides participants with the opportunity to be informed about a topic allowing them the time to reflect on this before sharing their viewpoint. Deliberative events typically take place over a number of hours and sometimes days.

Qualitative Market Research

Online communities

Hosted online, these communities are a platform for gathering qualitative insights. Within the hub, participants engage in open conversations and structured exercises. These communities are a focal point for consumer activity around your brand or service.


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Digital Intelligence Tools

Whether on Twitter, blogs, forums or other social platforms, millions of opinions are shared publicly online every day. MMRI Radar connects you to this rich, live, global data source.

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