Digital Market Research

A huge amount of data about your customers and industry can be uncovered by analysing the digital space

Why Digital Market Research?

In today ’s world it has never been easier to have a conversation with or about a brand, product, friend or experience, but we don’t just “listen” to these conversations, we use this as our data source to conduct digital market research.

With 30 years of market research experience, we have significant understanding of key sectors such as healthcare, finance, automotive, sport and consumer research. Combining this with in-house technology and data science expertise, we are supporting clients and market research agencies, using this rich online data source to drive customer insight.

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30 Years Experience

Big Qual

We have combined 30 years of research expertise with our in-house technology, the MMRI Radar.   Our market research methodology can unlock the complexities of ‘big data’ when we delve deep into potential insights from the internet for your business,  delivering valuable research outcomes in a fraction of the time required by traditional primary research methods. We take an insight-driven qualitative approach, drilling deeper into large volumes of data, uncovering emotional and behavioural drivers that lead to actionable insight.

Go to Our Work to see some real examples of how our clients have engaged with our methodology.

Real Time, Over Time

Using the limitless torrent of online commentary as a live data source, we are able to not only take a snapshot of a moment or period in time, but spot patterns and identify spikes and significant changes over longer periods of time. Removing the constraints that often come with questionnaire/research design we look at the bigger picture, uncovering hidden gems, adding value to your research projects.

Digital Market Research


We like to think of the vast amount of spontaneous consumer commentary posted on the open social web as “the world’s largest focus group”. We identify and qualify spontaneous online commentary around your chosen brand, product or service which can be captured in multiple languages across chosen markets. Our research analysts then work with a randomised sample of this raw data, using bespoke code-frames created in line with your project objectives to answer your research questions.

Laddered Coding

Whilst our digital approach to research is an efficient solution with the reduced need for primary research saving time and investment, our human analysts apply sophisticated laddered code-frames to the data. This ensures that the depth and detail available within this rich alternative data source is not lost through a simple automated, quantitative approach; basic segmentation can be automated by source, sentiment, topic, location etc. but we use manual analysis by experienced research professionals to deliver fast, reliable, quality insights.

Contact us to find out more about our code frames and we can send you some examples of this.  We could also discuss the ways this could work for your own business.


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