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What’s hot and what’s not, plus who’s talking about it - explore and discover!

Imagine having a tool that can identify the Digitial Opinion Leaders & Influencers which matter to your business

With the growth of automation and artificial intelligence and as researchers embrace ‘big data”, the opportunities for identifying and predicting trends and engaging with online digital opinion leaders and influencers are greater than ever before.

We take a continuous approach to this kind of research, using our in-house digital intelligence tool, MMRI Radar, to explore and discover between vast quantities of unstructured data, getting a global overview in real-time. Our data science team have developed a unique algorithm that truly identifies the sphere of influence held by digital opinion leaders based industry-specific authority, frequency and relevance.


Whilst many businesses find it relatively easy to construct “vanity” metrics and pretty charts on the data points, very few of these actually provide any true insight. Our approach uses real thought and understanding, applied by our experienced analytics team, in order to uncover spikes and predict trends.

Digital Opinion Leaders

We can help you to understand your brand affinity with themes and topics as well as stakeholders, sponsors and competitors, and track and monitor significant changes in these relationships to identify opportunities and emerging threats.

We identify digital opinion leaders, not only measuring reach and engagement but also understanding where they fit in the digital landscape, enabling you to learn, engage and leverage value from these relationships.

These insights drive innovation and enable agile businesses to react and adapt to market changes and customer needs, reducing the time to insights and informing important strategic decisions at the pace required by businesses today.

To find out how you can start tracking the key influencers in your own business sector: 

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Whether on Twitter, blogs, forums or other social platforms, millions of opinions are shared publicly online every day. MMRI Radar connects you to this rich, live, global data source.

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