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What will social media monitoring do for me and how can it help my business?

Do you know what people are saying about you online? Or maybe you are looking to engage and interact, building relationships with your customers?

Damage to business reputation is a hidden danger that can pose a threat and can erupt out of nowhere, at any time. It is critical to be prepared for this and accept that traditional complaint routes are not enough.   We know that social media monitoring and tracking of online commentary, which can be global, can be time-consuming on your, already busy, internal resource.

Our managed service ensures that you are always on top of the conversations that matter, and we can work closely with you to build and protect your brand, product or service and stay ahead of your competitors.

Using our digital intelligence technology, MMRI Radar, we access millions of online, real-time conversations being had globally. We can monitor your business, competitors, industry news, product launches and much more. Our research team will analyse and interpret your results, sharing these with you in your preferred format, whether a summative report or ongoing access to a live dashboard.


MMRI Radar searches for keywords identifying native language conversations. It captures relevant, valuable real-time data and connections from multiple sources including:

  • More than 80,000 news sources a day
  • Full Twitter firehose – 30 days of historical data
  • Around 2 million articles a day (across all sources)
  • Over 150 million unique news articles and social media posts served a month
  • Over 75,000 online news sources from over 200 countries
  • Over 3.5 million social media feeds

Know your opportunities and threats, including:

  • Real-time news on your clients and the industry
  • Crisis management and tracking
  • On-going, peace of mind, monitoring

We pride ourselves on our global capacity utilising unique first language capability, with specific focus on the UK / US, European and Asian markets.

Through our social media listening tools and research expertise,  we are able to develop bespoke digital market intelligence solutions for our clients.

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Whether on Twitter, blogs, forums or other social platforms, millions of opinions are shared publicly online every day. MMRI Radar connects you to this rich, live, global data source.

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