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What is the MMRI Radar and what’s is its data coverage?

MMRI Radar is an online social and digital intelligence platform, built to deliver you the breadth and depth of data coverage needed perfect for your media monitoring needs and to answer your market research questions.

Whatever your focus, connect to the daily narrative around brands, products and services from global sources including:

  • More than 80,000 plus news sources a day
  • Full Twitter firehose ­ 30 days of historical data
  • Around 2 million articles a day (across all sources)
  • Over 150 million unique news articles and social media posts served a month
  • Over 75,000 online news sources from over 200 countries
  • Over 3.5 million social media feeds
  • Your own chosen public URLs added by you as additional data sources

Simply enter the keywords around topics that you want to monitor, choose your online sources, locations and language and MMRI Radar delivers relevant information into your inbox in real­time.

You can then read, analyse and instantly share articles and posts of interest with colleagues whilst the dashboard allows you to quickly comprehend the meaning behind the data.


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